I was born, Judy Frodsham into a wonderful middle class family. I am the youngest child of four (I have
two brothers and a twin sister.) Both of my parents were very active in our lives. Pops (as my father was called) was a business man during the week, so he covered all of our week-end activities. My mother was a teacher, and kept all of us in line and under control during the week.

Every week-end my sister and I would beg to go see some horses. We started with pony rides and ended up at rental stables, eventually working there during the summer. I finally realized my dream of having my own horse on my twelvth birthday. Taffy was a little quarter horse mare, un-registered because she was a cremello. She began my life-long love of the breed, because she was very sweet and patient with me.

I spent every free moment riding and teaching her. I finally thought that I was ready for my first horse show. After preforming the best that we could, we didn't even place. The judge came up to me and told me that I was on the wrong lead, so he could not place me. He was very nice, so I asked him what a lead was!!! He took the time to explain it to me, so I went home with a new project-to learn my leads. At the very next horseshow, my horse Taffy and I won a class. I will never forget that feeling of accomplishment, because it represented the outcome of hours of training and work.

I had it in my mind to ride horses for the rest of my life. After college, I got a Montessouri teaching degree and worked as a teacher for eight years.

I continued to ride and compete every spare second. I showed open AHSA circuit for many years, primarily riding reiners. I trained with Hugh and Pam Martin in San Diego. Pam showed a number of top trail horses and I began to help her. This was the start of my love affair with trail class competitions.

After two unsuccessful marriages, I decided to combine my love of horse with my love of teaching. I come by my love of teaching and coaching naturally, since my mother Sara was a public school teacher for thirty-five years. I stopped teaching school and started teaching horses and children. I worked for my sister-in-law, Caroline Bonham, who was the resident trainer at the Coto De Caza resort. When pops passed away , I recieved an inheritance that helped to buy my ranch in Norco, where I have been since 1983. I named my ranch Frodsham Farm, to honor my father.

I love my work and hope that all who have met me have enjoyed what they have learned about horses from Frodsham Farm.
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